My name is Jeff Davis. I am 47 years old and have been a patient of DR. Renata Olejnik for approximately 15 years. I just want to express my sincerest heart felt appreciation to her and her staff for their professional Dental care. At the same time, I would like to share my immense satisfaction with others, so that they too can experience the high level of pain free expertise that I have come to expect from DR.Olejnik’s practice.
Please believe me when I state that up until I became a patient of DR. Olejnik, I was certainly no big fan of going to the Dentist. I dreaded it. My teeth and gums have always been sensitive to pain and discomfort as a result of Dental care. Subsequently, I had developed a real psychological fear of going to the Dentist. However, this was prior to my wife introducing me to DR. Olejnik.
DR. Renata Olejnik is a very pleasing individual to be around. She exudes a genuine enthusiasm, and a cheerful, friendly exuberance that professionally projects itself through her careful practice of Dentistry. It’s obvious that DR. Olejnik takes a great deal of pride in her work. She skillfully completes each of my Dental needs in a timely fashion without ever seeming to be hurried or rushed. I have always been made to feel sincerely appreciated and comfortable while in her and her Staff’s care. I can honestly state without reservation that I no longer fear going to the Dentist. I look forward to my Dental appointments, free from anxiety and knowing with complete confidence that my Dental health and personal comfort are predictable results while under the care of DR. Renata Olejnik & Staff.

Jeff Davis

Cosmetic Dentistry